Killerrr-Website-PreviewThe Berlin-based electronic music label Killerrr was founded in 2013 by Manuel and Mario Unterhuber and Yasmin Elias. All three of them being long-established music producers and multidisciplinary artists, they were looking for an independent channel through which they could release both their music and their accompanying visual artwork. Thus Killerrr was born, the ideal platform for this highly productive creative collective.

While Manuel and Mario Unterhuber make music under the banner of Dualesque, Yasmin Elias is known throughout the scene as Yasmin Gate. Both acts build the backbone of Killerrr.

Apart from creating their own music, Killerrr has also released various other acts such as Autovampir, Mont Royal, Dmitry Distant, Electrosexual and Carmel Zoum. Furthermore the catalog contains remixes by many renowned producers such as Fukkk Offf, David Carretta, Molecule, Theatre Of Delays, Tubbe, Claek and Janski Beeeats – just to name a few.

KillerrrNightKillerrr has also brought a club-event into life that not only showcases Killerrr artists, but also offers other acts and DJs that fit into the musical context a unique and exciting platform: A monthly party called Killerrr Night taking place at the legendary venue “Kaffee Burger” right in the heart of Berlin.

Last but not least, Killerrr publishes a tastemaker blog on electronic music. On ThisIsKillerrr.com the trio support numerous artists, labels and DJs from around the world by promoting their newest music and videoclips as well as featuring them on the regular DJ mixtape series called Killerrradio.

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