Carmel Zoum – In The Club (Single)

Carmel-Zoum-In-The-Club-1440x1440Artist: Carmel Zoum
Title: In The Club
Cat.-No: RRR010
Format: Single (Digital)
Release Date: 22.04.2015
Produced by: Dualesque
Mastering: Frank Wiedmann / Tweakbox Studios
Cover Photo: Killerrr
Artwork: Killerrr

French-Congolese Berlin-based singer and performer Carmel Zoum, was born in Moscow, grew up in France and has been living in Germany for 13 years. Since her parents are Congolese, the first music to have an impact on Carmel Zoum was “Soukous” – a dance music genre that originated from Cuban Rumba music and the Congo – that gained popularity throughout Africa.

Carmel Zoum is mainly known as a dancehall reggae artist, but also works with Hip hop, Electro and drum´n´bass producers.

As a teenager, she sung in reggae bands in her hometown in North France. Her fascination for dancehall is rooted in the similarities between the Congolese pop music she was listening at home and the modern Jamaican music of african slaves` descendants.

In 2000 she left France and moved to South Germany where she has been working with various dancehall reggae bands and sound systems, drum´n´bass and house djs.

After releasing her debut album “Skwamat” and being featured by various renowned artists, Carmel Zoum is now back with her new single “In the Club” , an electronic dancehall- and trap-influenced track produced by the Berlin-based duo Dualesque.

As a black woman living in Germany, Carmel Zoum wanted to express her frustration about the situation of refugees and undocumented migrants in Berlin as well as the chaotic and discriminatory immigration law and politics in Germany and Europe.

“While I was writing the lyrics, I tried to put myself in the refugee´s shoes in order to describe the process of making the decision to leave my home country to arriving in the disappointing life situation in Berlin.” says Carmel Zoum and goes on: “In the song, Europe is compared to a club where I´m not allowed to get in; the Frontex agency are the bouncers, who shut down the borders.”

“In The Club” – is set to hit all digital stores on the 22 April through Killerrr.


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Featured on:

Local Suicide – “(…) is a crazy mixture between trap, electro and dancehall that for sure will make you wanna move.”

Nerdy Frames – “Now we present to you something with a international flavor from Carmel Zoum which is astounding and powerful!” (Rating: 5/5)

In The Club (Official Video)

Video produced by Killerrr / Camera: Felix Jäkel, Jakob Klein / Additional Camera, Cut & Postpro: Killerrr / Music produced by Dualesque

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