Dmitry Distant – Life Drift (EP)

RRR005-DmitryDistant-LifeDriftArtist: Dmitry Distant
Title: Life Drift
Cat.-No: RRR005
Format: EP (Digital)
Remix: Molecule
Release Date: 29.04.2014 (Digital)
Produced by: Dmitry Distant
Mastering: Voyager93 Studio
Cover Photo: Dmitry Distant
Artwork: Margarita Kravtsova

Dmitry Distant started his career in 2004 in Moscow playing industrial/ebm in small clubs. Little by little he worked out his own recognizable lead-up to music program that is based on most percussive and dancing acts related to gothic electro genre. Eventually he gained popularity among Moscow goth/ebm clubbing circuit. Picking up steam year in, year out in dj sets and in live performances as well Dmitry Distant began to move away from “dark” industrial/ebm sound stepwise looking towards to electro.

Dmitry Distant´s “Life Drift” is a 2-track-EP with the original track and a remix by french producer Molecule.

The release is already supported by the likes of: The Hacker, Wolfgang Flür (Yamo, ex-Kraftwerk),Yasmin Gate, DJ Stendhal (Darkness-Radio Bro Gwened), Greg Kozo (Claek / Make The Girl Dance),Dualesque, Fruckie, Christopher Kah, Larry Tee, Ascii Disko / The Left Hand Path.

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