Dualesque – Uncomplicated (EP)

RRR004-Dualesque-UncomplicatedArtist: Dualesque
Title: Uncomplicated
Cat.-No: RRR004
Format: EP (Digital)
Remixes: David Carretta, Electrosexual, Kalif
Release Date: 10.01.2014 (Digital)
Produced by: Dualesque
Mastering: Frank Wiedmann / Tweakbox Studios
Cover Photo: Kai von Kröcher
Artwork: Dualesque

Turbo twin brothers, Manuel and Mario Unterhuber create a wall of hot club noise with fuzzed-out techno beats fused with synthesized vocals. With their fresh and raw sound, this underground duo is creating a significant stir on Berlin’s club circuit. The band has been very busy in the past remixing records for cult artists such as Yasmin Gate, Electrosexual, Näd Mika, Pierre Pascual, Dead Sexy and Local Suicide.

Now, Dualesque’s debut single Uncomplicated is set to be released the 27 Dec exclusively on Beatport and the 10 January 2014 in all the other stores, accompanied with remixes from David Carretta (Space Factory, Gigolo Records), Electrosexual (Killerrrec) and Kalif (L.U.X.). And in addition a piano version with a children’s choir.


Camera: Felix Jäkel
Cut & Post Production: Killerrrec

Video Premiere on Local Suicide

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