Electrosexual: "Heading For The Moon Feat. Sigrid Elliott"

The 23rd of July is the released day of the new Ep of Electrosexual. This time with the guest appearance from Californian Soul & Gospel Vocalist Sigrid Elliott.

Inspired by his underground culture, french house producer Electrosexual, merges art, visual sharp, pop aesthetic  and techno with original avant-garde sophisticated electronics.

In his Berlin based bunker, armed with his analog synths and with his DIY approach, Electrosexual creates the sound of the atonishing meeting between Joy Division and Giorgio Moroder.

In addition to his personal projects, his production and remixes service have been request by David Carretta, Shunda K, Robot in Disguise, Kiko  and Peaches.

So be ready for the new  6- song Ep!!

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