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Yasmin Gate´s New Video “Auae”

The song “Auae” by the Argentinian artist is taken from her latest album “Dollhouse”. The video is a puzzle to be solved, where the viewer can get close to Yasmin´s real self.
The idea of the super-fast editing was chosen to be in harmony with the hushed and tranquil atmosphere that emerges from the “Auae” song, like an irritating dreamy hypnotising loop.
Step by step Yasmin is sharing her more introverted and personal side of her art.

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Killerrr – Eléctrica Tour: Yasmin Gate & Dualesque in Argentina

2000px-Flag_of_Argentina.svgKillerrr and Central Eléctrica Discos join forces in Argentina.

The shows will take place in Buenos Aires and Cordoba, featuring Killerrr Artists Yasmin Gate, coming back to her home country presenting her latest Album “Dollhouse” and the twin brothers Dualesque, for the first time together in South America.

Joined by Berger Muzik, founder of Minelek Sessions and Electrica Discos label head Patokai who has been colaborating with Dualesque on their track “2 The Hard Way” last year, those nights gonna kick ass!

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Dualesque´s Fix It Album Deluxe Edition with Remixes out now

“Fix It” is now available as a DELUXE EDITION in all digital stores!! The Album contains guest vocals by Yasmin Gate, Carmel Zoum & Patokai and remixes by David Carretta, Electrosexual, Kalif, Theatre Of Delays & El Fulminador!!

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Welcome new Killerrr Artist Carmel Zoum

Carmel-Zoum-In-The-Club-1440x1440After being featured on Dualesque´s Track “Boombox”, Carmel Zoum is about to release her first Killerrr Single and Videoclip called “In the Club”, an electronic dancehall- and trap-influenced track produced by Dualesque.

“In The Club” is set to hit all digital stores on the 22 April. Also watch out for Dualesque´s brandnew Videoclip “Boombox” featuring Carmel Zoum, premiering in early April.

Carmel Zoum will present “In The Club” live at the Killerrr Night #8 the 25 april at Kaffee Burger, located in the heart of Berlin.

As a black woman living in Germany, Carmel Zoum wanted to express her frustration about the situation of refugees and undocumented migrants in Berlin as well as the chaotic and discriminatory immigration law and politics in Germany and Europe.

“While I was writing the lyrics, I tried to put myself in the refugee´s shoes in order to describe the process of making the decision to leave my home country to arriving in the disappointing life situation in Berlin.” says Carmel Zoum and goes on: “In the song, Europe is compared to a club where I´m not allowed to get in; the Frontex agency are the bouncers, who shut down the borders.”