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Yasmin Gate´s New Video “Auae”

The song “Auae” by the Argentinian artist is taken from her latest album “Dollhouse”. The video is a puzzle to be solved, where the viewer can get close to Yasmin´s real self.
The idea of the super-fast editing was chosen to be in harmony with the hushed and tranquil atmosphere that emerges from the “Auae” song, like an irritating dreamy hypnotising loop.
Step by step Yasmin is sharing her more introverted and personal side of her art.

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Camera by Alex Orlowsky and Marco Serpenti
Edit: Yasmin Gate
Fashion Styling by Guille Chipironet (Schatzi And The Monster)
Dresses by CABB

Music & Lyrics by Yasmin Gate & Dualesque
Music produced by Dualesque